Real-life Little Hero Needs Your Help to Conquer His Most Fearsome Rival

Cute picture of Dani playing with a puppy.

Dani is a very special kid. He even has a really weird disease. So weird it only affects approximately 0.001% of the world population. To conquer his rival, he has to relocate to the US to get the treatment he needs.

And not just that, Dani must gather $1M Dollars before June 30th in order to afford the treatment he requires. He faces a real challenge and he needs thousands of sidekicks to accomplish his goals.

Help Dani defeat his fearsome rival!

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Dani is a boy who loves videogames and comics. As in a videogame, he fights every day an extremely rare disease and needs $914,000 to continue playing. You can donate in or, if you are an illustrator, draw Dani as a video game character to help more people know about him. Learn more in #1UpForDani

The legend begins...

Dani is an 11 year old boy with a very weird disease known as Pure Red Cell Aplasia (Diamond Blackfan Anemia). It’s so rare that there are only 35 cases per year in the United States and Canada. Basically, less than 0.001% of the world population has it. The Pure Red Cell Aplasia is caused by the failure of the bone marrow in generating red blood cells.

Throughout his entire life, Dani has undergone approximately 150 blood transfusions to stay alive. Because he has had so many, the risk of organ failure is high due to iron overload. Also, this has caused an abnormally high number of antibodies to build up in his body, making things even more complicated.

During 2016 the doctors recommended Palliative care as the only option, an option with many side effects to give him some more time, but not a cure for his illness.

Even though this typically means nothing can be done, the Cincinnati Children's hospital had multiple 100% matches for Dani in a non-related donor bone marrow bank, something almost as rare as his disease. So the doctors offered to do the bone marrow transplant, which can completely cure Dani and allow him to live a normal life.

This transplant cannot be performed in his birth place, Costa Rica, and due to the complexity of Dani's case the cost is staggering. This means that we need to raise $913,000 to pay for Dani’s bone marrow transplant before the end of the US fiscal year on June 30th.

Dani with his epic Zelda T-Shirt and some other videogame characters.
Dani with his epic Zelda T-Shirt and some other videogame characters.
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